Latin name: Lepidoptera

One of the best indicators of a healthy and balanced ecosystem is an abundance of different species of butterflies. So far, in Una National Park 75 species of butterflies were identified, and the assumption is that this number is more than one hundred.

Butterfly is a beneficial insect because it transfers pollen thus enables the propagation of plants. Fully developed butterflies usually live short lives; some of them can survive winter butnonetheless,like any other cold-blooded insects they need sunshine to keep them warm and to allow them to fly.

There is no scientific foundation based on which day and night butterflies would be distinguished. The main difference is that the day butterflies have vivid color wings and fly during the day while the night butterflies fly at night and have dark color wings. Butterflies feed mostly with nectar however digestive system is stunted for some of them so they do not feed at all.

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