Invest in bussiness - invest in future


This unique  hotel complex, Resort Una Park, in Una-Sana Canton is located in a valley, surrounded by forests and pristine nature. The hotel is about 25 minutes drive from Bihać by car. From the place of arrival, ie from Zagreb, Banja Luka or Sarajevo (international airport) there are links to the resort. Bihać will soon be joining the international aviation network.

Resort at 940 square maters with big open areas and “Adventure playground” for children.

Investment Opportunity

An experienced and serious partner is needed for anyone who wants to dream about a capital building in Una National Park. Below are the main advantages of investing in this project

  • Safe investment of capital in the upcoming future tourism market – real estate as a special place for quality of life and high ideal value. Investment with potential for growth through solid construction, modern rooms with quality equipment.

  • Unique opportunity to participate in this exclusive facility for a limited circle of investors.
  • Return on investment up to 6% is possible.

  • Interesting capital investment for investors looking for a combination of returns to strong real estate in Bosnia and Herzegovina and a luxury apartment and for limited time use

  • Since BiH is a candidate country for the EU, it has a great prospect for the future, and it is expected to increase the value of real estate.

  • The National Park Plitvice Lakes is only a few kilometers away from Bihac, and this is an example and proof of how tourism can develop in the Una-Sana Canton in the future.

  • The region with its rich forests with Ottoman relics represents a special urban and atmosphere for the holidays.

  • Our company takes care of your property throughout the year. Rental, maintenance and management are offered directly on site. You, as the owner, enjoy your stay or investment.

  • Your investment will be insured in land registers and will be unlimited in time.